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Erlanger Lions Youth Activities Mission Statement
To provide a forum through coaching and youth sports to unite friendships and community, create understanding of the sports, and encourage one another in becoming service minded adults that serve community and others while promoting high ethical standards.

Erlanger Lions Club

Our Erlanger Lions Youth Activities is a branch of a larger organization known as the Erlanger Lions Club.  The Erlanger Lions Club was organized in March, 1945 by sixteen men dedicated to serving their fellow citizens.  From that humble beginning, the Erlanger Lions have deployed into the most active organization in the Erlanger-Elsmere area with activities that provide services to every part of our community.  Our members represent a cross section of our citizenry and bring a wide range of ideas about how best we can live up to the Lions International motto, "We Serve".  From 1945 until October 1973, meetings were held in various places around the city.  In 1973, the Erlanger Lions began holding meetings in what is now known as the Erlanger Lions Park Clubhouse (it was unfinished at the time).  Since March 1974, all membership and board meetings have been held at the Clubhouse.

The first Lions Carnival was held in June 1946 and at that time was called a Street Fair.  As you well know, the annual Lions Carnival has become a fixture in this community.  This is one of the Club's major fundraisers.  In August 1982, Lion R.C. "Bingo Bob" Smith suggested that the Club conduct a weekly Bingo to help defray the cost of the building, an addition to the clubhouse.  This was approved by the Board of Directors and a six member committee was appointed to operate the Bingo.  The first Bingo was held on September 8th 1982.  With the continued support of the players and the willingness of the members to work, the Erlanger Lions Friday Night Bingo has become one of the staples in the bingo community.

Since 1986, Scholarships have been offered to graduating students at both Lloyd High School and St. Henry High School.  Applications are presented to each school in early February and remain there until late April when they are picked up by the Scholarship Committee Chair.  The Scholarship Committee meets and reviews the applications and selects the recipient.  

The Erlanger Lions Youth Activities Program is well known and has grown from its inception in 1958 to one serving over 250 youth each year through football, cheerleading, baseball, basketball, and other programs.  For more in depth Youth Activities history please click on the HISTORY link above.

The main thrust of all Lions Clubs worldwide, is the prevention of blindness.  The Erlanger Lions Club serves hundreds of people each year by purchasing eye examinations, eye glasses, and arranging for eye surgery for some desperate need.  The Erlanger Lions conduct eye screenings in the Erlanger/Elsmere School district and every daycare located within this district as well.  Eye-screenings have been held at the local county and state fairs over the past several years.  We have provided Leader Dogs for residents in the area and have been a continual supporter of the Leader Dogs for the Blind Program.  Thousands of pairs of used eye glasses have been collected and sent to an organization that sends them to Third World countries.  Many have helped to see because of this "recycling".  Don't throw away your old eye glasses.  Call the loacal Lions Club for a location where to drop can donate them.  For many years, the Erlanger Lions Club has supported Blind and Hearing Impaired Youth Camps.  Lions Camp Crescendo , located at Lebanon Junction, KY, has a free camp for the blind and hearing impaired children every year.  We would love for you to join us in helping the community by joining alongside us to make a difference.  If you are interested in becoming a Lions Club member please fill out the application below and email it to erlangerlionsya@gmail.com and someone will contact you.

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