Codes of Conduct


WHEREAS, in consideration of allowing the above named participant(s) (“Minor(s)”) to participate in the Erlanger Lions Youth Football and/or cheerleading program(s), including instruction and coaching in football or cheerleading (the “Activities”), use of the premises upon which the Activities will take place, and for other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, the undersigned parent and/or legal guardian of said Minor(s) and /or natural and legal guardian of said Minor, agree to the following:

Minor and Parent (on behalf of Parent and Minor) waive for themselves and their executors, administrators, assignees or heirs, any and all rights and claims for damage, losses, demands and other actions whatsoever, which they, individually or as a whole, may have or which may arise against ELYA, the Northern Kentucky Youth Football League (NKYFL), the individual clubs composing the NKYFL, the sponsors, coaches, officers, directors, officials, agents, employees, staff and volunteers of all of the aforementioned organizations, and the owners and lessors of any premises used for the Activities, hereinafter referred to collectively as “Released Parties”, including but not limited to any and all injuries, damages or illnesses suffered by the Minor and/or Parent, including those injuries, damages or illnesses arising out of or related to the negligent acts of the Released Parties, which may, in any way whatsoever, arise out of, be related to or be connected with the Activities; the course of instruction and/or coaching; the Premises, including any latent defect in the Premises; Minor and/or Parent’s presence on or use of said Premises; and Minor and/or Parent’s property whether or not entrusted to the Released Parties.  The Released Parties shall not be liable for, and Minor or Parent, on behalf of themselves and their executors, administrators, assignees or heirs, hereby expressly release and discharge the Released Parties from any and all such claims.

Minor and/or Parent hereby expressly assume the risk of entering the Premises and of taking part in the Activities, which include, but are not limited to, instruction, coaching and participating in football or cheerleading.

Minor and/or Parent grant the ELYA and NKYFL permission to photograph / videotape minor for possible use in brochures, videos, web sites, new articles, etc promoting participation in youth football and cheerleading programs.  It is agreed that talent fees will neither be sought nor given.

Minor and/or Parent furthermore hereby acknowledge and agree that they have read, understand and will at all times abide by the ELYA and NKYFL rules, regulations, directions and procedures, including those of Related Parties.

This instrument binds Parent, Minor and their executors, administrators, assignees or heirs.  I certify that I am a custodial parent and have the aforementioned rights to assign.

The Athletic Code of Conduct outlines the behavior that Erlanger Lions Youth Activities (ELYA) expects from its coaches, players, and parents. Please read the following items to see the type of behavior we expect from all participants at Erlanger Lions Youth Activities Football/Cheerleading Events.
Coaches, parents and athletes are all essential participants in the success of our athletic program, but more importantly, they are the key to the healthy development of each young player who chooses to participate in football within Erlanger Lions Youth Activities. We want that experience to be a positive one that fosters the pursuit of excellence in all facets of life. It is important to understand that participation in Erlanger Lions Youth Activities is a privilege.
Organized sports provide the perfect arena to learn about life. What athletes experience and learn in that arena should become part of a strong foundation from which to build the rest of their lives. We look forward to your involvement in the Erlanger Lions Youth Activities program.
Athlete’s Code
Athletes who participate in organized sports have a tremendous opportunity for growth. Athletes develop their strength, coordination, endurance, and specific skills related to the sport they play. But athletes would be missing the greatest gift sports have to offer if they limited themselves to physical prowess. Athletes who gain the most from sports have allowed their minds and spirits, as well as their bodies, to grow as they experience the wins and losses of organized sports. Those who have challenged themselves to be the best they can be, not just in the game, but during practice as well, will develop characteristics they will use throughout their lifetime. Athletics, if allowed, will teach young people about never giving up, about taking pride in all they do, about feeling joy or empathy for others, and about making friends. Most of all, sports will teach athletes to believe in themselves and their abilities.
Erlanger Lions Youth Activities Code of Conduct for Athletes:

  • I will always be a good sport, whether winning or losing.
  • I will always show respect for all players, coaches, and officials.
  • I will never use obscene language or gestures.
  • I will support my team in a positive way, whether playing or on the sidelines.
  • I will understand that I am a role model for others.
  • I will give my best effort and attention at practice and during the games.
  • I will play fair, and follow the rules of the game.
  • I will respect all opponents and their effort.
  • I understand that the amount of time I participate in each contest will be determined by the coach.
  • I will be humble and realize that my individual accomplishments are only possible because of my teammates.
Parent’s Code
There are so many benefits from playing youth sports. In ELYA, boys and girls learn good sportsmanship and self-discipline. They learn how to work together, to sacrifice for the good of the team, to enjoy winning and deal with defeat-all while becoming physically fit and healthy. As a parent you too can contribute to the needs and development of the youngsters. You can help ensure the effectiveness of ELYA youth sports please follow the "10 Commandments of Parenting Football Players" as presented by USA Football.
Erlanger Lions Youth Activities Code of Conduct for Parents:
  • Thou Shalt Be Positive
Your child is accomplishing something by just stepping on the field and being part of the team. Always look for the right spots and stay encouraging. Your son or daughter may not be the best on the field, but he or she is making friends and learning valuable life lessons - and it's easy to encourage that.
  • Thou Shalt Respect the Coach
Children will follow the lead of their parents. You want your son to respect his coaches, teachers and elders? Start by being a great example and respecting his coach. Don't yell at the coach from the stands or question him before and after games.  If you have a concern about his coaching, bring it to him in private – away from your child. Coaches are doing their best - and if you think you can do better, grab a whistle!
  • Thou Shalt Let the Child Be Himself
No matter how good (or bad) you were as a football player, or how good his brother or sister was, don't compare your child to other family members. Let your child be the player he wants to be on the football field. Encourage him to be his best but don't get caught up in measuring his abilities against others - every child is different.
  • Thou Shalt Respect the Game
This goes beyond respecting the coach. Respect the rules of the game, the officials on the field and his opponents on the other team.  This will teach your child to do the same. Good sportsmanship is important at every level of football, and leading by example is the best thing you can do.
  • Thou Shalt Put School First
Football is a great game, but school is even more important. Help your child understand how to keep his priorities in order.  If your child isn't making the grades in classroom, he will need to make more time to study - and less for football.
  • Thou Shalt Not Make Excuses
Football is game of discipline, teamwork and effort. If your son is struggling to get on the field, he is probably lacking in one of those          areas. Don't make excuses for your son - this will only encourage him to blame others. Encourage him to work harder, try his best and cheer on his teammates.
  • Thou Shalt Not Be a Know-It-All
As parents, we can deflate our child quickly after a game by saying "you should have done this," or "you should have done that." Avoid having all the answers all the time. Let your child examine his own game or leave it to the coaches. There are times when parents can offer helpful advice but avoid being a know-it-all.  What your child needs is a fan.
  • Thou Shalt Cheer Your Brains Out
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Cheer like crazy. Win or lose, good play or bad play, and even when the opponents do something great (especially at the pre-high school level). Kids are out there to have fun, make friends and learn something about playing on a team. You should cheer for that no matter what!
  • Thou Shalt Be There
Our kids grow up too fast. I know that work and our busy schedules can get in the way, but we need to do everything possible to be at every game our child plays in. If you can't make it, send another representative from the family (mom, dad, brother, sister, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, etc.) and be sure to make a big deal about hearing EVERY detail when you get home.
  • Thou Shalt Have Fun
Remember - this is football. You're on this blog because you love the game.  Your child is playing football because he loves it, too.  Have fun playing, cheering, encouraging and talking about the game. Let's face it, our kids grow up too fast, and we should relish every moment of youth football we can - it'll be over soon.
Rules and Guidelines for everyone
  • The line of communication to resolve problems will be:
  • Player to coach or coach to player
  • Parent to Head Coach or Head Coach to parent
  • If the above line of communication is not effective;
  • Coach or parent to Football or Cheer director.
  • A meeting of all coaches will be held to discuss and review policies.
  • Foul language and unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated by coaches, players or fans. Violators may be asked to leave the team and/or not permitted to attend games.
  • Posting negative comments on social media about players, parents, coaches, referees, organizations and the NKYFL will not be tolerated by anyone affiliated with our organization and can lead to being removed from the organization or attending events.

Each coach should also have a meeting with the parents of their players, to go over team rules, etc. Coaches should give each parent a monthly schedule of all practices and games.

Coaches Code of Conduct

Mission: To provide a forum through coaching and youth sports to unite friendships and community, create understanding of the sports, and encourage one another in becoming service minded adults that serve the community and others while promoting high ethical standards.

  • I am mindful to never shame a player, but to correct in an uplifting way. Affirmation!
  • I believe in every player. Remember, In youth is where miracles are made.
  • I protect our players. I am big enough to build up not tear down. Kids are getting attacked from many places that we don't often see and of which we are not aware.
  • My job is to put players in a position where they can develop to their fullest potential through proper teaching and nurturing.
  • Each player is part of our family, deserves every chance to succeed and deserves the utmost respect.
  • Coaches can disagree in meetings but never in front of our players or anyone else outside our family. Disagreements are saved for private meetings.
  • Our players are student-athletes and we are teacher-coaches. We hold ourselves accountable as teachers of young men and women and the lessons they need in order to navigate life.
  • If I do not know, I say so and get the appropriate information. I won't bluff my players! They know the difference.
  • Parents are our partners. I will strive to work with each family in helping their child succeed. Every boy is a son, every girl a daughter to their mother and father.
  • I love our players and the other coaches.
  • I know the difference between shaming and coaching. No screaming, shaming, swearing, or sarcasm.
  • I won't be afraid to apologize! We all make mistakes. When mistakes are made publicly, I will apologize publicly; when mistakes are made personally I will apologize personally.
  • I treat all opposing coaches and their teams with the respect deserved of true competitors.
  • I respect all referees, officials, and time keepers. They are imperfect and trying their best just like we are.
  • Regardless of our wins and losses, we will be successful in changing lives, if we carry out the above items.

Because I am a role model who has the power, position and platform to make a positive difference in the lives of my players, I commit to this code of conduct.  When failing to live up to our standards I will allow for accountability and take responsibility for my actions.