November 22, 2017

Basketball Registration is Now Open


Team Makeup 

*Co-Ed (7-10 players per team) 

*Kindergarten and 1st grade will play together 

*2nd and 3rd grades will play together


*Will be on Sundays for 1 hour beginning Dec 10 @ Howell Elementary 

*2 teams will be in the gym at the same time splitting the court 

*We will try to match K/1st teams together and 2nd/3rd teams together in case you want to scrimmage


*Saturdays at Howell Elementary beginning at 1pm (Admission will be $1 for ages 18 & up) 

*Start Jan 13 running through Mar 3 

*Concessions will be offered 

*4 - 10-minute quarters (running clock) with a 5-minute halftime 

*Goals will be set at 8ft 

*All players must play at least 2 full quarters 

*No full court press (Defense can be picked up at half court)

Facilities (please take care of the facility and cleanup) 

*Bathrooms must be cleaned before leaving each day 

*Bleachers/Gymnasium must be cleaned before leaving each day 

*Someone must ALWAYS monitor the doors as to not allow kids or patrons to run the school halls and/or possibly damage school property. This could result in gym use being immediately revoked.


*If you are interested in coaching or have any questions, please contact Chase Barger at or 859-307-9559. 

*Adult Volunteers or possible Lloyd basketball players. 

*Volunteers needed for clean-up, gate, concession, gym door (Security) and scoreboard operation.